Battlefield 1 video games to get official Windows 10 Mobile companion app

Laurent Giret

Battlefield 1, the much awaited first person shooter from EA Dice, will finally available worldwide on Xbox One and Windows starting Friday, October 21. For those of you who purchased the game’s Ultimate or Deluxe Editions, you’ll get early access starting today. If you’re in that case, you might want to check EA’s brand new Battlefield Companion app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile to keep up with the game on the go.

The new app was announced yesterday in a blog post on the game’s official website: on iOS and Android devices, the app is an update to the pre-existing Battlelog Mobile app while the Windows 10 Mobile version should reach the Windows Store later today (please note that the blog post only mentions Windows 10 Mobile and not Windows Phone 8.1). The app will support both Battlefield 1 and the now three years old Battlefield 4 and will provide access to a career section, your friends list and more. Here is the official description:

Battlefield Companion is a complete overhaul of the Battlelog App. You can access the old Battlelog App experience under the MORE menu or by visiting

Feature highlights:

Your new profile and identity of Battlefield. Here you can explore your stats and achievements and see how your friends are doing.

Explore and customize your soldier’s loadout while on the go – with full support for Battlefield 1.

: The emblem editor and gallery makes designing awesome emblems for use in Battlefield a snap. Smart tools like the grid tool, zoom, and cropping makes the editing experience faster than ever.

The friend list makes keeping tabs on your Battlefield friends easy. Get a daily summary of when your friends are playing or follow that favorite friend to know exactly when he or she is playing.

While we have yet to try the Battlefield Companion app on our Windows phones, it’s great to see that continues to support Microsoft’s mobile OS. A few weeks ago, the developer also released a Windows Phone companion app for its FIFA 17 soccer game. You get download the Battlefield Companion app on your Android or iOS device from the download links below, stay tuned on the Windows Store for the release of the Windows 10 Mobile version.

‎Battlefield™ Companion
‎Battlefield™ Companion

Battlefield™ Companion
Battlefield™ Companion
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