Battlefield 1 gets an official Gamescom gameplay Trailer with horses and armored trains

Kit McDonald

Battlefield 1 on Xbox One

Gamescom starts tomorrow and many video game developers are beginning to release their sneak peek trailers ahead of the event. One such developer is Dice and Electronic Arts showing off their fast action paced World War 1 game. We’ve already seen earlier Battlefield 1 gameplay series showing off the games weapons arsenal. The more recent trailer, however, covers more on the transportation in Battlefield 1. More specifically, the use of tanks and airplanes to gain an advantage. But there’s so much more to this title than that.

With the release on their official Youtube channel today, the trailer shows off the large variety of traditional warhorses mixed with the innovations of the era. Armored tanks and trains burst through their enemies with little remorse while the agile horses and vehicles can traverse through the sweeping sandstorms with quick agility. Watching them run together side by side in a quick advance (or retreat) makes this trailer stand out above the rest.

Perhaps the biggest tease in the video is at the end, we catch a glimpse into what is suspected to be the single player campaign of the game. It will be interesting to learn more about the story mode missions as we get closer to release.

Coinciding with the trailer’s release, DICE announced that the Battlefield 1 Open Beta begins on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin. The beta event will be limited to the Sinai Desert map with the 64 player Conquest and 24 player Rush game modes. If you want to get in the beta even earlier, make sure to be signed up for the Battlefield Insider newsletter. Learn more about what you can experience in the beta from the blog post.

We’re certain to see more of Battlefield 1 at Gamescom starting tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go until October 18th when the game will be available three days early for EA Access. Sign up for the front lines with your Xbox pre-order.