Battleborn is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 early next year

Dave W. Shanahan

battleborn for xbox one, windows 10

Gearbox Software, the creators of Borderlands, have introduced their latest game, Battleborn, with the “Rendain” trailer today. Set to be released February 9, 2016, Battleborn was announced more than a year ago. Battleborn is being called a “hero-shooter,” and Gearbox has a team of artists working to make Battleborn its best effort yet with the best graphics in a “Pixar-meets-Anime” graphic style.

Battleborn is set in space, where every species in the galaxy has fled to a star called Solus after a massive catastrophic event caused by the Varelsi destroyed all the other stars and planets in the universe. Upon their arrival to Solus, every species’ best fighters, the Battleborn, band together to destroy the Varelsi.
But, it’s not only the graphics that Gearbox wants you to notice, it’s the massive amount of customization that is available at the character and team levels. Gearbox compiled a list of statistics that are available in Battleborn. Here is a video describing the endless configurations available in Battleborn.

With a seemingly infinite number of customizations available in Battleborn, there is more than enough customization available in the 25 playable characters. Battleborn has more playable characters than Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel combined.
In addition to the characters, there is Story mode, where you can choose to fight alone or with a local or Xbox Live friend. There is competitive multiplayer with up to 10 players battling in 5 versus 5 matches through three different modes – Incursion, Devastation, and Meltdown. Battleborn’s progression system allows you to earn experience points in every game mode to level-up your character’s rank and score other sweet upgrades.
Battleborn is not yet available as a digital download for Xbox One and Windows 10, but you can go ahead to the link below and reserve your copy of Battleborn today.
Pre-order Battleborn for Xbox One or Windows 10 PC ($59.99).