Battery Saver and Snapdeal for Windows Phone updated with performance improvements and more

Hammad Saleem

Battery Saver and Snapdeal updated with performance improvements and more

If you happen to be a regular user of the Battery Saver and Snapdeal, one of the largest retailers in India, you should open the Windows Phone Store right away as there are some updates waiting for you. 

Starting with the app, it brings quite a few new design changes, bug fixes and performance improvements with the latest update, which bumps the app to version 3.0. The app is now three times faster and offers a new simplistic homepage — it’s much cleaner and easier to navigate.

There’s also an all new ‘search and offers’ page which allow users to view latest offers to help you save your hard earned cash, or search for the products you want to buy. With the new ‘my accounts’ page, users also get the ability to track their orders from within the app.

Battery Saver and Snapdeal updated with performance improvements and more

Here’s the complete change log for the latest Snapdeal update:

  • 3x faster app
  • New Home Page – cleaner and smarter 
  • Personalized recommendations just for you
  • New search page & Offers page
  • All new my accounts page
  • Bug fixes

On the other hand, Battery Saver is a very handy app for Windows Phone users which allows them to manage their battery life, and helps them save power. You can find out which apps are draining your battery, as well as see the estimated battery time it will last on a single charge.

It’s not just about tracking, the app also offer power saving settings to help you last through your day. Recently, the app was bumped to version 1.0.15075.83. It’s not a very big update and focuses mostly on bug fixes, including a bug with the Chinese translations, as well as “an issue where a string would incorrectly be shown in the settings panel.”

To grab the updates, simply head over to the Windows Phone Store and download them.