Battery app for Windows Phone 8 receives minor update, bugs squashed


Battery app for Windows Phone 8 receives minor update, bugs squashed

The unofficial Battery app for Windows Phone 8 received a minor update bumping the version number from to This app is free and has over 17,000 reviews, with the majority of those reviews being five-stars.

The Battery app allows you to monitor your battery level on your Windows Phone 8 device via detailed statistics. You also have the ability to see the remaining percentage of battery life as a Live tile right on your home screen! Here are the key features of this app if you have never heard of it:

  • three types of live tiles
  • detailed battery status on lock screen
  • rich battery usage and rate charts (landscape mode supported)
  • detailed battery usage statistics
  • time since last charge
  • remaining time to full charge
  • different types of notifications (when the battery is fully charged, when the battery is discharging quickly, when the battery is low)
  • customizable theme color
  • save chart as picture, send history to e-mail, save history to SkyDrive, backup data to SkyDrive, restore data from SkyDrive
  • shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Cellular, Airplane mode settings.

The app developer did not publish the change log for this new update. We’d venture an educated guess and say bugs were fixed and performance improvements were made to the app. So far, we’ve noticed no immediate changes or improvements – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fixed under the hood. 

Hit the download link below to snag the updated app, or update via the Windows Phone Store. Let us know if you notice any new features or improvements.