Bard now lets users fact-check responses; gets Gmail, Docs, Maps and Google apps integration

Devesh Beri

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Google has released the latest features and capabilities of Bard. Bard has become more versatile and integrated with Google apps and services, making it even more helpful in various tasks.

If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon (a project that takes up many tabs), you can now ask Bard to grab the dates that work for everyone from Gmail, look up real-time flight and hotel information, see Google Maps directions to the airport, and even watch YouTube videos of things to do there — all within one conversation.

It can help you find information from your emails, summarize documents, and ensure your privacy is respected when accessing personal content. Plus, it even allows you to fact-check its responses using Google Search.

  1. Integration of Google Services: Bard integrates Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, and YouTube for a seamless user experience.
  2. Automatic Assistance: Bard can connect users with relevant content and services based on conversations and location, with the option to disable this feature.
  3. Gmail Integration: Extracts information from Gmail for easier access to relevant data.
  4. Summaries from Documents and PDFs: Provides key points from Google Docs and Drive to help users grasp essential information.
  5. Privacy Considerations: Google ensures user privacy by requesting permission to access personal content without using data for ads or human review.
  6. Google Search Integration: Users can fact-check Bard’s responses with Google Search queries. 
  7. Continued Learning: Click on highlighted statements in Bard’s responses for links to relevant content.
  8. Tailored Responses: Bard tailors responses to specific needs, from trip planning to complex topics.
  9. Integration with Google Apps: Seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Flights, and hotels.
  10. Double-Check Responses: Users can verify Bard’s responses against web content by clicking the “G” icon. 
  11. Building on Shared Conversations: Encourages collaborative discussions when someone shares a Bard chat.
  12. Access in Multiple Languages: Expanding Bard’s features to over 40 languages.
  13. Improved Model (PaLM 2): Updates to PaLM 2 aim to enhance Bard’s quality and accuracy.

Bard appears to emerge as a handy digital companion. Its integration with Google services, commitment to privacy, and the ability to fact-check information offer users a powerful tool.