This is Bank of America's response regarding dropping support for Windows Phone

Sean Michael

Bank of America no longer supported on Windows Phone

Many customers are upset that Bank of America has ended support for its Windows Phone app. In addition to the application no longer working, Bank of America’s website is currently not functional on Internet Explorer on Windows Phones. I contacted Tara Burke from Bank of America’s media team that covers mobile banking to find out more about the support being stopped.

Upon initial contact her response was similar to what Bank of America has said to others publicly when asked about the app: “We’re committed to giving Bank of America customers a variety of ways they can manage their finances conveniently through mobile and online banking. As we evaluate our platforms, we’ll continue to support those which our customers find most useful and provide the best customer experience”. I asked some more specific questions to try to find out more details.

I specifically asked about the possibility new apps or maybe even web apps in the future. I also asked about any potential fixes to the problems with their website on Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. Her response was that Bank of America does not comment on future events.

The story seems to still be developing, albeit slowly. The official Bank of America Twitter account responded to a query regarding supported browsers on Windows Phone.

Bank of America seems to be revealing few details about its future plans for Windows phone but that may not mean that support for Windows Phone has ended forever.

It’s a hard time in many ways for Windows Phone users trying to do mobile banking. With Chase removing their app – though at the moment it’s still usable to those who already have it – and Bank of America pulling their app there aren’t many options for major banks left. A popular choice is Wells Fargo as they have stated that they have no plans to stop supporting Windows Phone.