Bank of America returning to Windows as a Universal Windows App in the coming weeks

Mark Coppock

Bank of America

The Windows Phone and now Windows 10 Mobile “app gap” is a source of some of the most rancorous debate among Windows phone fans. Some people have switched to other mobile platforms because Microsoft’s platform is lacking certain key apps while others contend that the issue is overblown and that all of the important apps are already on the platform. If you’re in the former camp, then perhaps a missing banking app is one of the things stopping you from committing to the platform.

One such missing bank is Bank of America, which at one point did have a functional Windows Phone app that was pulled due to a lack of users. Last December, Bank of America indicated that they plan to move to Windows 10 eventually, with a Universal Windows App that would run on desktops, tablets, 2-in-1s, and smartphones. According to a tipster over at, Bank of America’s return to the platform could be imminent.

The bank communicated the following:

The app is coming very soon, in the next few weeks, and it will be available on Phones, Tablets and PCs with Windows 10.

This is very good news for anyone who wants to use their Windows 10 device to manage their funds and save a trip to the bank by depositing checks by phone. Banking apps are tremendous conveniences, and for some people downright necessities, and so the more banks that support the platform, the better. Kudos to Bank of America for apparently getting their ducks in a row and back where they belong.