Indie music service Bandcamp acquired by Epic Games

Robert Collins

Epic Games Store

Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond announced on Wednesday March 2nd that Bandcamp will be joining Epic Games. The announcement came via a blog post on the Bandcamp site.

In the post, Diamond goes on to assure Bandcamp users that the fourteen year old indie music service isn’t going to change because of this new partnership. He states in the post “The products and services you depend on aren’t going anywhere, we’ll continue to build Bandcamp around our artists-first revenue model.” The site has long been known for striving to create an artist-friendly ecosystem on the internet.

Epic games is best known as the creator of Fortnite and the Unreal Engine. It is also known for its popular gaming service, Epic Games Store. The addition of Bandcamp will be a significant feather in the Cary, North Carolina company’s cap. As for Bandcamp, Diamond has added that the two company’s share a common vision, calling Epic Games “champions of a fair and open internet.”