Bamboo Ink Plus announced, a new stylus alternative for Windows 10 users

Brad Stephenson

Bamboo Ink Plus

Wacom today announced the Bamboo Ink Plus, a new stylus for Windows 10 pen-compatible devices.

The Bamboo Ink Plus stylus features full support for all Windows Ink functionality and also includes the ability to launch apps with a push of the button. It supports both Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) and the Wacom Active ElectroStatic (AES) protocol and users can switch between the two on the fly as needed.

As far as actual drawing and inking performance goes, the Bamboo Ink Plus is said to have a lighter feel for better line quality and feedback and also boasts improved tilt recognition.

Senior Vice President of Wacom’s Ink Division, Heidi Wang said of the new stylus, “The Bamboo Ink Plus is a high-precision stylus that will appeal to a wide range of creative users who appreciate being able to draw or write on their PC no matter where they are – home, office, school, plane, park bench, virtually anywhere. By turning every stroke into a precise digital representation of our thoughts and imagination, Bamboo Ink Plus can help bring the artist and visual thinker out of all of us. We cannot wait to see what people create with Bamboo Ink Plus.”

The Bamboo Ink Plus is due for release this month and is currently available to pre-order on the Wacom website. It will also be sold in the Microsoft Store though its product page has yet to go online.

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