Ballmer: ‘We make a ton of money’, touts company success in the last 10 years


Ballmer - image via Bloomberg

During Microsoft’s Financial Analyst meeting on September 19, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touted the company’s success in the last 10 years. In fact, Ballmer even stated that Microsoft makes “a ton of money.”

During the meeting, Ballmer showcased a slide that featured Microsoft’s profits in totality over the past 10 years. On that list, Microsoft compared their profit with rival companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce. 

“We make a ton of money. We are very proud of that.”

“If you take a look at some of the numbers, I am proud that we have made more money than anybody in this list in the last 10 years. If you take a look at the last 5 years, it is a great reminder that there is huge profitability in our industry in the devices business,” Ballmer explained.

Ballmer added that Windows was a huge source of profit for the company. “Even if you look at just the last year with the exception of Apple, we are the most profitable company on the list. If you look at dividends until Apple started a dividend, we are the biggest payout, now they have passed us we have just made our most recent increase.”

Ballmer mentions that Microsoft has been very successful and the company is proud of that accomplishment. “So we have been very successful. We make a ton of money. We are very proud of that,” he adds.

During the meeting, Microsoft revealed that 55% of its revenue comes from the Enterprise sector, while 19% of the revenue comes from OEMs and 20% from consumer and online services. 6% of the revenue comes from small and midsize business. 44% of Microsoft’s revenue comes from the U.S. and Canada, while 56% of the revenue comes from the rest of the world.

Microsoft is undergoing a massive reorganization and a focus towards devices and services. Microsoft recently acquired Nokia’s devices and services division, in an attempt to bloster the Windows Phone platform.

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