Ballmer shares his thoughts on Nokia acquisition, Stephen Elop joins the ranks


Nokia and Microsoft

Microsoft just recently announced that they have acquired Nokia’s devices and services division. In an email to Microsoft employees, CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Nokia acquisition is a bold step into the future. Ballmer also outlines the new role that Nokia CEO Stephen​ Elop will play as a new executive at Microsoft.

“Stephen Elop will be coming back to Microsoft, and he will lead an expanded Devices team, which includes all of our current Devices and Studios work and most of the teams coming over from Nokia, reporting to me,” Ballmer stated in an email to Microsoft employees. Other Nokia executives that will now be Microsoft executives are: Jo Harlow, who will continue to lead the Smart Devices team; Timo Toikkanen, who will continue to lead the Mobile Phones team; Stefan, who will lead Design; and Juha Putkiranta, who will lead the integration effort on Nokia’s behalf.

“This is a smart acquisition for Microsoft, and a good deal for both companies.”

For those who don’t recall, Elop worked for Microsoft as the Business Division boss back in 2008 to 2010. He was responsible for Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics. Elop left Microsoft in September of 2010 to become the first non-Finnish Nokia CEO.

Elop will be “stepping aside” as Nokia President and CEO to become the new Nokia Executive Vice President of Devices & Services at Microsoft. Nokia’s sales team, led by Chris Weber, will remain intact for the time being and will eventually fall under Kevin Tuner’s lead. Microsoft plans to integrate all global marketing efforts into a unified brand and advertising strategy under Tami Reller and Mark Penn and plans on doing this as soon as possible.

“We plan to pursue a single set of supporting services for our devices, and we will figure out how to combine the great Nokia efforts into our Microsoft services as we go through the integration process,” Ballmer explains.

CEO Steve Ballmer sees the Nokia acquisition as a bold step into the future and part of the company’s transformation into a devices and services company. Ballmer expects a smooth transition and great execution due to the great relationship Microsoft has with Nokia. Ballmer believes this is a smart acquisition for Microsoft and a good deal for both companies.

“This is a smart acquisition for Microsoft, and a good deal for both companies. We are receiving incredible talent, technology and IP. We’ve all seen the amazing work that Nokia and Microsoft have done together,” Ballmer adds.

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