Ballmer: I am incredibly proud of the products that we have produced with Nokia


Nokia Lumia 928

Earlier today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, along with Brad Smith, Terry Myerson and Amy Hood, took part in a Microsoft Nokia Transaction Conference Call. During that call, Myerson praised Nokia, stating that because of Nokia, Windows Phone has becomes the fastest growing mobile platform year over year.

During the call, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer added that the company was trying to “accelerate” their Windows Phone market share and the Nokia acquisition will help greatly. Ballmer adds that he is “incredibly proud” of the products that Nokia and Microsoft have come up with. “The Lumia Windows Phones in market are some of the best products Microsoft has ever built in terms of capability, design, quality,” he explains.

Nokia has made Windows Phone the fastest-growing mobile platform.

“The Nokia Windows Phone momentum has made Windows Phone the fastest-growing mobile platform, with 78 percent year-over-year growth. Every quarter for the past eight quarters more customers have activated Windows Phones than in the prior quarter,” Myerson adds.

Myerson explains that the marketing approach Microsoft took in the past was not good enough. Expect to see better marketing now that Microsoft owns the Lumia smartphone brand. “The marketing approaches we have used in the past are insufficient. This deal enables us to invest in a single marketing campaign, which allows us to officially communicate the Windows Phone value proposition to consumers with one brand and a united voice, making the market for the entire Windows Phone ecosystem,” he explains.

The big benefit of this acquisition is that Microsoft’s innovation will accelerate. Both teams have already proved that they can work together, and now this deal “removes the seams” between the two companies. Microsoft is also looking forward to bring together the camera technology seen in the Lumia 1020 together with the Kinect sensor technology to create an exciting product.

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