BAFTA announces Minecraft as the first-ever YGD Hero Award winner

Dave W. Shanahan

BAFTA announces that Minecraft is the first-ever winner of the YGD Hero Award

With the upcoming MINECON this weekend (July 4-5) in London, Minecraft fans have plenty to celebrate as Minecraft is the first-ever recipient of the YGD (Young Game Designers) Hero Award. The YGD Hero Award is offered by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). The BAFTA YGD competition, looks to motivate young people to become the game designers of the future by giving young people the chance to design their own games with the help of game industry professionals.

The reasoning behind Minecraft’s YGD Hero Award is explained by the Chair of the BAFTA Games Committee, Harvey Elliot:

“Minecraft’s achievements in the games industry, as well as its support for millions of creative people of all ages, are truly impressive. We hope the game and its development team serve as an inspiration to all young games enthusiasts as they progress their future careers in our industry.”

Minecraft will be presented with the YGD Hero Award at the YGD Ceremony on July 25th in London.