Backup your contacts and texts on Windows Phone with this new app from Microsoft

Joseph Finney

Backup your contacts and texts with this new app from Microsoft

Windows Phone has many technical advantages such as expandability via Micro SD cards, but expandable storage is only really useful if the OS takes advantage of it. Enabling users to install apps directly to SD cards is one way Windows Phone takes advantage of the expanded storage, and Microsoft just released a new app which takes things a bit further. The new app is called ‘contacts + message backup’ and is available in the store now for Windows Phone 8.1.

As the name alludes, this app can backup contacts, texts (SMS, MMS, and attachments) to the Micro SD card attached to the phone. The app is unlisted in the all apps view, but instead resides within in the settings under a new item at the bottom named contacts + message backup. The app can also be used to restore from a backup off the SD card. All data is stored within in the SD card folder named backup + restore.

Skeptical users need not worry because no data is transmitted to Microsoft during this backup — all data transferring occurs locally. This app can be a life saver when it comes to transferring phones without a WiFi connection to bring down all the backed up data. After backups are created, users can pick from restore points and restore their contacts and messages. This app also appeals to users who would like to back up their content but not via the cloud.