B-side Software releases fourth update for Tweetium in just three days

Dave W. Shanahan

B-side Software releases fourth update for Tweetium in just three days

Since Tweetium’s move from beta to its official release on December 25th for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, Tweetium received four updates. B-side Software has put a lot of effort into updating its Tweetium app and I am glad they are constantly focusing on what they can do to make Tweetium even better. Although there have been some bugs, B-side Software is quick to fix them, as they seem to value their users’ feedback and suggestions.

Although I am new to the wonderful world of Twitter, other apps that I tried, like the official Twitter app for Windows Phone, made my Twitter experience less than awesome. Honestly, I never thought I could find a Twitter app that was so easy and simple to use as Tweetium. I only just downloaded Tweetium a few days ago to see if it was good as everyone says it is and it genuinely is great. It is as if they asked hardcore Twitter users how they would make a perfect Twitter client for Windows Phone and B-side Software read their minds.

I do not want to gush too much about Tweetium, so I will just get to the details of the new update that was released today. This update brings Tweetium to version 3.0.7 (already?!). Here is a list of the bug fixes in the latest update:

  • Fixed a major performance problem for users with certain configuration settings 
  • Fixed a bug which prevented updating of the offline tweet cache 
  • Fixed a bug in the last update which could leave expanded threads invisible in horizontal layout
  • Fixed a case where tiles could unexpectedly have progress rings on them after switching views
  • Fixed problems with position restoration in Connect and some search results views
  • Fixed an error handling/messaging problem

Tweetium is available for $2.99 as a Universal App in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. The standard price gets you support for only one Twitter account at a time on any of your Windows devices. You can also upgrade to Tweetium Pro within the app itself for $7.99, which gets you 12 months of support for seven Twitter accounts, push notifications, an improved Connect tab, TweetMarker synchronization, and incorporated news reading with B-side software’s other app, Newseen, which is only available on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

So, if you have not done so already, go ahead and download Tweetium and Newseen in the download links below. If you have any suggestions on how to improve my Twitter experience, please let me know. If you want, you can also follow me on Twitter (you could be lucky Twitter follower number eight).