Azure's Machine Learning takes a walk in the clouds

Kareem Anderson

Azure's Machine Learing takes a walk in the clouds

For those of you interested in the recent explosion of machine learning support, Microsoft’s Azure team just threw in a nifty little grenade to the party. Microsoft’s Azure team just announced Azure Machine Learning is now available as a fully-managed, fully-supported service in the cloud. As with many of Microsoft’s more recent software gambles, it looks like the original cloud-influenced gambit Azure, is leaving less and less of a physical print as it moves further into the cloud.

“No software to download, no servers to manage- all you need to start doing data science is a browser and Internet connectivity. This release is packed with game changing innovations,” writes Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft.

It looks like the days of exe. packets are finally beginning to set.

The blog post goes on to highlight some of the game-changing features, among them are a completely revamped process for creating Web services, the capability to retain a model periodically (when new data becomes available) and a community-driven gallery for discovering and using interesting experiments authored by others.

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