Microsofts Azure used to deliver cloud services to game developers worldwide

Sean Cameron

Microsoft Azure

Often it is the case that, while someone has a great idea, they lack the both the experience and the resources in order to bring their vision to reality. This is something that computing solutions firm APEX CNS has been aware of for quite a long time.

Based in South Korea, which boasts a particularly strong gaming community bolstered by an enthusiastic adoption of the pastime by the wider population, the idea for a service to provide the necessary tools for grassroots gamers to create their own games took hold.

Having previously developed their own solution towards this end, APEX CNS have now shifted their operations and make use of Azure, having previously used Amazon web services, with Vice President Victor Ko stating,

“APEX Platform is tailor-made for game development and management, and is made accessible to thousands of developers at no cost because of the flexibility provided by Microsoft”

APEX Platform aims to reduce the time spent by game developers on backend issues and problems with infrastructure, freeing them up to spend more time on development. 

With Azure continuing to pick up pace, even despite recent service issues, the future seems bright for the cloud solutions service.