Azure Storage Node.js hits general availability

Arif Bacchus

Azure Servers
the Principal Program Manager at Azure Storage has just taken to the Microsoft Azure Blog to announce that Azure Storage Node.js has hit general availability. The package is now on npm, and the source is available on on GitHub.
Overall, Dinesh notes that in the lead up to the release, the team has shipped multiple key features in preview releases. Additionally, it is also noted that the general release supports all the features included in the April 2015 REST Version. These recently supported features include,
  • AccountSAS and IPACL
  • File metrics
  • Typescript
  • AppendBlob
  • getMessage/peekMessage API for queues

In line with this, samples have been included in the Azure Storage samples repository for Node.js. This means it should now be easier to begin building Node.js applications on Azure Blob, Table, File and Queue Storage. The team also has included a sample that demonstrates how to build a web application with CORS.

For the complete details, and to learn how you can get started with the Node.js client library, you can check out the Getting Started Docs and the reference documentation.