Azure SQL Database now supports Temporal Tables

Michael Cottuli

Azure SQL Database now has another nifty feature that’s sure to make a lot of lives easier. The feature is called “Temporal Tables,” and does just about what you’d think. Using Temporal Tables lets you take a look back at the state of your data at different times, allowing you analyze trends and track changes. The feature is now generally available, so if it sounds like something you could make use of, you’re all set.

Here’s what Temporal Tables are great for:

  • Supporting data auditing in your applications
  • Analyzing trends or detect anomalies over time
  • Easily implementing slowly changing dimension pattern
  • Performing fine-grained row repairs in case of accidental data errors made by humans or applications

If you want a guide on how to get started with Temporal Tables, you can go ahead and check out this step-by-step guide to doing just that. It’s full of useful information, charts, and other in-depth instructions. You can also see a live demo on Channel 9; that can give you a more visual idea of how the new feature works.