Azure SQL Database elastic pools get new price-performance options

Kit McDonald

Azure Servers

Microsoft has been working diligently to provide enterprises and organizations improved databases. Meanwhile, the product options of Azure SQL Database were severely limited to only a few pricing models. Today, Microsoft Azure announced that Azure SQL Database now supports more choices for IT admins to choose from.

Smaller elastic pool sizes and pools with higher database limits are now available at a cost that scales lower than the original starting prices. On the other side of the spectrum, the team announced larger sizes with more storage and greater performance than what was previously offered for Basic, Standard, Premium, and eDTU pools. This means more efficient packages for organizations based on their individual needs and less staggering price leaps when upgrading or downgrading.

Here’s a look at some of the additions:


To put it simply, IT admins can more accurately get the plan that their organization needs. Check out the slew of Azure SQL Database elastic pool options by visiting the product page.