Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server now available for download at no cost

Arif Bacchus

Azure Servers

Principal Program Manager at Hyper-scale Compute has taken to the Microsoft Azure blog to announce that Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server now available for download at no cost. The availability means that Azure customers can now provision Service Fabric clusters in their own data centers or other cloud providers and run production workloads with confidence.

The availability also comes after Service Fabric Preview was released on Linux a few weeks ago, and also shows Microsoft’s continued push to help developers build Service Fabric applications on any OS of choice. Service Fabric, nonetheless, is the backbone of services such as Cortana, Intune, Azure SQL Database, Azure DocumentDB, and Azure’s infrastructure. According to Microsoft, benefits of Service Fabric include:

  • Using data center resources you already own and developing microservice architectures on premise before moving to the cloud.
  • You can choose to create clusters on other cloud providers.
  • Service Fabric applications, can be deployed to any cluster with minimal to no changes. This can provider an added layer of reliability because you can move your applications to another deployment environment
  • Developer knowledge of building Service Fabric applications and the operational experience of running and managing Service Fabric clusters carries over from one hosting environment to another.

For more information on Service Fabric, be sure to head over to this official Microsoft webpage. Once you’ve checked it out, be sure to come back to WinBeta and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!