Azure Security Center gets new capabilities for stronger cloud security posture

Dave W. Shanahan

With a clear and present danger of cyber threats, securing cloud-based services remains a constant concern. In July 2016, Azure Security Center first became generally available to help customers combat the ever prevalent uncertainties of cloud management. Since that time, Microsoft has worked nonstop to ensure that the Azure Security Center remains effective at stopping cyber threats before they start with the help of Microsoft’s partners.

Here’s a look at the steps that the Azure Security Center is taking to secure customer data and Azure services:

  • Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (preview): Customers can now deploy vulnerability assessment solutions from partners like Qualys in just a few clicks. Findings from these solutions will be integrated so customers can view a prioritized list of all security vulnerabilities identified by Security Center and integrated partners in one place.
  • Expanded Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities (preview): Streamlined deployment, monitoring and alerting of WAF solutions from partners is now available for Azure App Service Environments. In addition, customers will soon have more options when deploying WAF solutions, including solutions from Azure and additional partners.
  • Azure Storage Security Assessment (preview): Security Center will begin monitoring and recommending encryption for Azure Storage in the coming weeks, and within a few clicks customers can enable built-in encryption for their Azure Storage Accounts.

In order for Azure customers to start utilizing these new Azure Security Center features, Azure customers need to launch Security Center from the Azure portal. For more information and pricing options available for these advanced cyber threat protection options, head over to the Azure Security Center.