Azure Preview Portal receives April update, features new improvements

Sean Michael

Azure and Satya Nadella

A new update is out for Azure Preview Portal. It features improvements to browsing and portal interactions as well as more options for Service Health. There’s a post by Microsoft outlining the update in full detail but they also have some quick bullet points for the key changes.

  • Improved Browse resources experience Access all your resources in a single list (All resources view)
  • Filter your resources by subscription
  • Filter your resources by name
  • Customize the columns in your resources list
  • Pin your resource lists to the Startboard for quick and convenient access
  • More control over the Recent browse list
  • Improved portal interactions New keyboard shortcuts
  • Recover tiles from error state
  • Customize your monitoring charts
  • Easily copy text from the Essentials panel
  • Quick access to Help and Support
  • Simplifications to Customize mode
  • Personalized Service health experience (focus on your services)

The post also lists future updates that are in the works

  • More resource types in the All resources view
  • Domain specific columns in the columns chooser in Browse
  • The ability to: Create an empty resource group
  • Move items between resource groups
  • Create items directly from Browse blades

Azure services are a continually growing sector for Microsoft and provide enterprises the ability to have greater control over their work environment. Azure is possibly the greatest example of what cloud computing can do. There are quite a few sessions of BUILD that have Azure related news in the title so stay tuned to Microsoft BUILD for more Azure related news.