Azure Premium Messaging comes out of preview

Kit McDonald


It’s been nearly a year since the Azure team started focusing on the updated Service Bus. But today they were excited to share that the Premium Messaging service is officially available to the general public. For those that don’t know, the Azure Service Bus is the messaging infrastructure that lets applications send messages back and forth. It keeps the apps and devices connected across both private and public clouds.

The premium service lives up to the Microsoft expectations of efficient use and secure data. Throughout the development, many Microsoft services began to rely on the Premium Messaging service. Dynamics CRM, Bing Maps, and other analytic services opted into it early, along with a large base of organizations and businesses. Premium Message sizes were increased to a sizable 1MB and it proves that it can carry the weight of nearly one billion operations per day.

The new service was added onto their product page with a fixed daily rate of $11.13 USD per each Message Unit. It’s a significant change from the original standard services, billing for a base charge then varying depending on the number of API calls of operations. It’s being advertised as a service that “you can call your own” by meeting your performance demands, particularly for customers that want their own dedicated resources to support their constantly growing workload need a reliable messaging Service Bus.

With the official release today, it is now available in seven regions globally: Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Europe, North Europe, Central US, West US, and East US. It’s to be expected that more demand will warrant an expansion towards other regions given time.

In celebration of the release, Microsoft Azure is hosting a 50% discount on Service Buss prices until August 31, 2016. Now might be the best time to consider getting a Message Unit while the service is on sale, particularly for those interested in trying out the new Premium Messaging on Azure Bus Service.