Azure Mobile Apps Node SDK hits version 3.0.0

Kareem Anderson

The next iteration of Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK has finally landed. For those drawing a blank on Microsoft’s new announcement, in 2015 Azure Mobile Apps feature Azure App Service enabled backend support for mobile APIs in .NET and new mobile features to existing ASP.NET web apps or web pages to the .NET language.

Alongside the release of the Azure App Service support was Microsoft’s new initiative of Node SDK for Azure Mobile Apps which helped to extend the experience of Node.js. apps. According to Microsoft, “this enables you to build and run mobile backends using Node.js on App Service, as well as add push notifications, mobile auth, offline sync and other mobile features and backend APIs to any Node.js app running on App Services.”

That announcement was over a year and few SDK releases ago. Today, the Microsoft Azure team is announcing the release of SDK v3.0.0 which brings a slew of new features and addresses bugs users have been commenting about.

New among the fixes and features of v3.0.0 include:

  • Data Transforms
  • Filters and Hooks
  • Per-User tables
  • Web Hooks
  • Record Expiry
  • Data Query Improvements
  • Soft Deleted Records
  • Retrieving Records by ID
  • Object Queries
  • Handling Callbacks in Table Functions
  • Breaking Changes

And some other under the hood tweaks and optimizations.

To explore the full list of fixes as well as example and test code, download and install the SKD from its GitHub repository or visit the Microsoft Azure blog for more details.