Azure Media Services updates Motion Detector

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft has just announced an update to its Azure Media Services that adds new features to the Motion Detector capability, which went into public preview two months ago.

The Azure Media Services platform comprises of speech and vision services for the enterprise, offering media processing capabilities at scale. Azure Media Motion Detector, is, as its name implies, is a Media Processor that allows devices to identify motion, like in the case of security cameras, which is also the processor’s focus. The public preview version is capable of differentiating real motion caused by people and motions by winds or shadow changes.

Example of polygonal detection zone in Azure Media Motion Detection. Credits: Microsoft
Example of polygonal detection zone in Azure Media Motion Detector. Credits: Microsoft

The updates  brings a number of new features that will enhance security videos, including improved accuracy, new sensitivity levels, polygonal detection zones and event merging. Polygonal zones allows cameras to identify motions to specific areas inside the feed polygon-specified by users. Event merging will allow users to combine multiple motion events in a timeline into a single event.

Overall, this is a solid update to an important security feature in Azure Media Services. You can check out the original post for the exact algorithms and instructions. Stay tuned for more Azure and Microsoft news.