Azure Media Player version 2.0 released, adds ad support, a new skin, more

Laurent Giret

Microsoft announced today a significant update to Azure Media Player, its web video player designed to playmedia content from Microsoft Azure Media Services. “We have been working hard addressing feedback from our fantastic customers to enhance and improve a player that everyone can benefit from,” explained the company in a blog post today. Here are the new features now available with AMP 2.0:

  • The new player supports pre-, mid- and post- roll video ads in all your on demand content. “The player inserts ads in accordance to the IAB’s VAST standard and allows you to configure options like ad position and skipabilty,” explained the company.
  • Microsoft added a high contrast mode as well as support for assistive technologies such ass JAWS or Narrator.
  • AMP 2.0 adds a new setting for Playback speed, and the plugin gallery also received new additions to supports more playback scenarios.
  • A new skin called “AMP-Flush” is also available to use, and you can check how it looks below:
The new “AMP-Flush” skin.

We invite you to check the full blog post to learn how to make the switch to the new media player. “Azure Media Player will continue to grow and evolve, adding additional features and enabling new scenarios,” explained Microsoft, and you can share your feedback on these latest additions on the UserVoice website.