Azure IoT Gateway SDK now supports Azure Functions

Laurent Giret


Earlier this year at Build 2016, Microsoft introduced the open source Azure IoT Gateway SDK, a new solution that aims to make Internet of Things (IoT) deployments easier for businesses. Firstly, the new tool allows developers and ISVs to connect legacy devices and sensors to Azure without having to replace existing infrastructure. Additionally, developers can use the SDK to write and deploy code to process data from a device before sending it to the cloud.

In a new blog post on the Azure blog, the company announced yesterday that its Azure IoT Gateway SDK now support Azure functions, which are lightweight functions that respond to events across Azure and on premises:

With Azure Functions integration, developers can easily call cloud-based logic from their IoT gateway. Just write an Azure Function and you can quickly call it from a Function Module in the Azure IoT Gateway SDK.

For example: if something goes wrong in your field gateway environment, such as local devices that can’t connect or misbehave, and you want to upload diagnostic information to your Azure IoT solution for inspection by operations, our new Functions integrations makes this simple. Just create an Azure Function that takes this data, stores it and alerts operations – and then call it from your gateway running the Azure IoT Gateway SDK when you encounter a problem.

The Azure IoT Gateway SDK is still available as a public beta on GitHub and we invite you to check the repository to learn more about how to get started with it.