Azure IoT Gateway SDK enhanced to make it easier than ever to connect all your things

Kit McDonald


Microsoft released what they are calling an enhancement to the Azure IoT Gateway SDK today. The improved architecture is making it easier for developers to string together better solutions, particularly where real-time computations are necessary.

Today, we’re expanding that promise with enhancement of the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, giving you the ability to extend the power of IoT and advanced analytics beyond datacenters in the Azure cloud to the very edge of your network, where many of a business’s assets and devices are connected. The modular architecture of the SDK enables developers to string together individual pieces of logic, creating solutions that transform data at the edge of the network. Whether through encryption, filtering, annotation or performing custom analytics, data is processed close to the devices that create it, so only truly necessary pieces are sent to the cloud for further processing.

Just last month, we saw the gateway SDK start supporting Azure functions. The Azure IoT Gateway SDK is more flexible than ever with individual pieces of logic and modules that can be written in Node.js, Java, C#, and more with end-to-end gateways. As Microsoft puts it, it will ultimately reduce time to market and cost of maintenance.

Of course, the Azure IoT Gateway SDK is open source so it always has the opportunity to improve further. Developers should take advantage of the Github page to learn more and get started.