Azure gets a gold star from CSA STAR Registry, the only major cloud provider so awarded

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft Cloud

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft is distinguishing Azure and Azure Government, with industry leading certifications and dedicated data centers which can house sensitive Department of Defense data. Just on the heels of that reporting, Microsoft announced Azure has achieved CSA STAR Certification and the highest possible Gold Award for maturity capability assessment.

The Cloud Security Alliance runs a free and publicly available registry of certified STAR cloud service providers. Microsoft is the only major public cloud service provider to achieve this level of certification. It adds to an already long list of security certifications racked up by Azure.

The certification extends to not just only Azure, but also Intune, Microsoft’s mobile device, application and PC management service, and Power BI, Microsoft’s data visualization and dashboard building software. To learn more about Microsoft Azure’s CSA STAR Certification, and the numerous other certifications that Microsoft has obtained, you can read more at the Microsoft Trust Center.