Azure expands SQL Data Warehouse availability to four new regions

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has announced today that Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now available in North Europe, Japan East, Brazil South, and Australia Southeast, making the solution available in 18 regions worldwide. If you’re not familiar with it, Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a go-to SQL-based data warehouse and big data solution that can offer huge scalability to businesses.

“You can scale compute and storage independently, allowing you to range from burst to archival scenarios, and pay based off what you’re using instead of being locked into a confined bundle,” explained Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manger Prem Prakash in the blog post announcing the news.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse can also integrate with other Microsoft products such as Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, and we also previously reported that the cloud solution recently received Azure AD authentication support to help mitigate an unnecessary number of users and passwords.

We invite you to check the official website to learn more about how to get started with SQL Data Warehouse, and you can also give feedback to Microsoft to explain what new features you would like to see implemented in the future.