Azure Event Hubs Archive gets a public preview showing off efficient micro-batch processing

Kareem Anderson

Another Azure product is getting the preview treatment this week as Azure Event Hubs Archive makes its way to customers in limited release. According to program manager of Azure Service Bus Shubha Vijayasarathy, customers looking to manage data stream ingestions over a longer period can now test out Azure Event Hubs Archive in preview form starting today.

The new Event, Hubs Archive feature, includes many key scenarios for Event Hubs that archives data streams and downstream mico-batch processing for customers looking to compute or batch Stream Analytics jobs. Other benefits of EHA include:

1.Simple setup

Extremely straightforward to configure your Event Hubs to take advantage of this feature.

2. Reduced total cost of ownership

Since Event Hubs handles all the management, there is minimal overhead involved in setting up your custom job processing mechanisms and tracking them.

3. Cohesive with your Azure Storage

By just choosing your Azure Storage account, Archive pulls the data from Event Hubs to your containers.

4. Near-Real time batch analytics

Archive data is available within minutes of ingress into Event Hubs. This enables most common scenarios of near-real-time analytics without having to construct separate data pipelines.

To get a look at EHA, Azure customers can enable the feature by visiting their Azure portal on the Event Hub in their namespace or through Azure Resource Manager templates. For more details on how to set frequencies, defining data build up, view blobs being created or pricing Microsoft’s Azure team is encouraging customers to visit either the new Azure Event Hubs pricing page or their Azure portal.

If you happen to use Azure services and have an opportunity to do so, check out the new Azure Event Hubs Archive. Then, let us know about your experiences in the comments below.