Azure DevTest labs offers a self-service sandbox Azure environment for developers

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has just brought out Azure DevTest Labs for general availability, making it so that developers have a better environment in which they can control the testing and development of their software. DevTest gives developers a “self-service sandbox environment” that makes it easier than ever for developers to make sure their projects are coming out on time. DevTest Labs has developers set up one testing environment and stick with it, shaving off the tons of development time it takes to build test environments separately.

Azure DevTest Labs allow developers and testers to:

  • Quickly be “ready to test”
  • Use worry-free self-service
  • Create once, use everywhere
  • Integrate with your existing toolchain

The video above offers plenty of information about the Azure DevTest Labs, and the blog post in which they were announced can give you the full rundown on why this has the potential to be an incredibly useful tool for developers on a deadline. If you want to check out the Azure DevTest Labs for yourself, then you can do so right here.