Azure CTO Mark Russinovich talks containerized application on Azure at Docker Con 2016

Kit McDonald

Today was the last day of DockerCon 2016, an event held in Seattle, Washington for the world’s leading software containerization platform. During the last couple of days, speakers focused on business endeavors for Docker which included the more recent announcement of the open beta of Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac. Today, Azure’s CTO, Mark Russinovich, took the stage to speak about the Datacenter and Operation Management Suite containerizations.

Coinciding with an event blog post that went into further detail, Russinovich shared that Microsoft’s emphasis to become more open with development implementations has brought Linux adoptions to 33% compared to the 25% it was just last year. It’s this corporate promise to extend the Windows ecosystems that prompted the first ever multi-platform container application that will combine both Linux and Windows.

With priorities in becoming even more open sourced, providing choice and flexibility, and investing in hybrid solutions that will not uproot business infrastructures, Russinovich announced that the Docker Datacenter has been released into the Azure Marketplace. The Datacenter is focused on “bringing container management and deployment services to enterprises with a production-ready platform supported by Docker and hosted locally behind the firewall.” The resource manages a hybrid, container-based application for Azure and Azure Stack, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud platform that delivers Azure services from your organization’s own datacenter.

Other key notes in the presentation made by Russinovich included that the Azure Container Service would support Linux and Windows servers thanks to the use of Docker Swarm. Also, a select few preview participants in line for an early look at the SQL Server on Linux will be able to privately get their hands on it for Ubuntu as a Docker container.  While unlikely that those that aren’t signed up already would have this opportunity, interested parties are still able to sign up to stay informed for preview availability for the SQL Server via the website.

As enterprises embrace the use of containers through their production, Microsoft is making an effort to pump out more available tools and technology for their needs. Want to watch the full live stream of DockerCon 2016? The replay is expected to be posted on the official website after the event concludes.