Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 preview released

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft, Application Insights, HockeyApp, Mobile Apps

, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, has taken to the Azure blog to announce that Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 preview has been released. The release brings many changes and was built with several key points in mind. 

The first of the key points it the fact that Microsoft wanted Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 to be natural and easy to install. It also had to be consistent with POSIX tools, part of the open source ecosystem, and be evergreen and current with Azure.

According to Microsoft, Soon, Azure CLI 2.0 Preview will be available on all popular platform package services. Additionally, the Azure CLI 2.0 Preview provides clean and pipe-able outputs for interacting with popular command-line tools, such as grep, cut, and jq.  It also will make things easy and will guide you with examples and with examples and educational content for common commands.

If you’re interested in trying out Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 preview you can head over to GitHub now. And, if you’re in attendance at Microsoft Ignite, visit the Azure Tools booth for a demo!