Microsoft announces the Azure App Service, a "one stop shop" for app developers

Joseph Finney

Azure App Services can power your next backend

Apps are the keys which unlock potential in our devices, and cloud backends give apps more power beyond just the devices we have. Microsoft wants developers to begin using Azure to power their apps and services with the new Azure App Service. Now Azure can power mobile apps, web apps, logic apps, and API apps in the cloud making Azure a one stop shop for developers looking for a capable backend.

Microsoft’s cross-platform support shows through with the Azure App Service which can support a range of languages, apps, platforms, and usage cases. Web apps can be written in .NET, Java, PHP, Python and more, as well as working well with tools like Visual Studio Online, GitHub, Bitbucket and more. Enterprise developers can write apps which bring modern security to their web apps and robust solutions such as hybrid connectivity. Microsoft also makes features like AD integration while continuing to ensuring compliance, auditing and data retention requirements which customers have come to expect from Microsoft.

Mobile apps can be built to run with Azure App Service compatible with a range of platforms and features. Windows, iOS, Android, as well as Xamarin and Cordova projects work with Azure App Service. Apps can be built to offer a huge range of features like  push notifications, authentication with popular identity providers including Active Directory, and store cloud data including offline sync, so developers won’t have to make any concessions while using the Azure App Service.

In addition to consumer focused apps, the Azure App Service also enables developers or enterprises to build apps which are more powerful and specialized. Logic apps are focused on empowering developers or technical programmers to automate process executions and integrate services which would have been previously too difficult without a middle step in the cloud. API apps enable companies to access APIs from services such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 and more. Private APIs can also be developed and access for internal development using the Azure App Service.

When all is said and done these are some powerful new tools for developers to make amazing modern apps. Companies and developers looking for a legitimate alternative to Google’s App Engine, or Amazon Web Services can now look into Azure. Even if these tools aren’t as feature rich as the competition, Microsoft is fast and clearly invested into the cloud. Hopefully this new move will bring prices down and help all developers and users alike.