Azure and NGSN team up to allow fans in the US to watch more soccer

Sean Michael

NGSN website

Soccer fans, or football depending on where you are, will now have another option when it comes viewing live matches and on demand sports content from around the globe. The Next Generation Sports Network (NGSN) has released a beta version of their website and an app that provide live broadcasts for seven major football leagues. The website and mobile app’s main purpose is to allow viewers from within the United States to view matches from around the world.

Soccer is the most popular sport on Earth and professional leagues are spread throughout the world. NGSN now has the rights to live broadcasts from “7 key European and South American soccer leagues including the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Chili, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela…” They also hope to provide content from other sports in the future.

The sports network relies on Azure Media Services to meet their goals. A blog post on breaks down the requirements of NGSN for their sports website.

  • Scalable solution that can serve millions of subscribers
  • Full end-to-end video workflows in the cloud
  • Quick time to market

NGSN began working with Microsoft last May and looked to Azure Media Services as a way to broadcast and share content to a wide range of devices and users. The same blog post highlights the need for end-to-end services, CDN integration, and integration with other Azure services.

Azure services and other Microsoft cloud computing solutions are often marketed as ways of accomplishing complex goals while also being efficient and cost effective. NGSN has an extensive range of content and consumers that require large amounts of computing to be successful.