Here are some awesome tips and tricks for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Jonny Caldwell

Awesome tips and tricks for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Microsoft just updated Minecraft Pocket Edition to 0.11 alpha not long ago. They added a ton of new features including the ability to use your own skins, riding boats, and being able to change the game mode. With that said, let’s look at some things to do with the latest update.

Customize your skin from your Windows Phone 

Who uses plain Steve these days, anyway? In the new update, users can choose a custom skin that gives their Minecraft character a sense of personality. You can choose between the two available skin packs where you can find some neat skins for only 99¢ or even free. Or, if those skins just aren’t you, you can upload your own skin from your images on your phone. 

Awesome tips and tricks for Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you want to create your own skin, you can do so right from your Windows Phone. Just download the the MC Skin Editor available for free. 

Gather resources 

Probably the first thing any Minecrafter should you is to start chopping, digging, and mining. Start out by gathering resources such as wood, stone, and sand and maybe a little food. You don’t need to worry about gathering as much as possible, just focus on enough to survive at first. 

Build your home 

Once you’ve gathers enough wood and other resources for construction, you need to build your house to protect your from the first wave of monsters. The thing that is awesome about Minecraft is that you can built your home from anywhere. You can built it in a forest, on a hill, inside a mountain, or even underground. 

Start crafting your tools 

After you’ve built your house then it may be a good idea to start building tools. Some of the first things to craft include a crafting table, a furnace, chests, some torches, a sword, and some other tools to help get your work done. 

Awesome tips and tricks for Minecraft Pocket Edition

You should probably start with a with a crafting table, so you can build some of the larger items such as a pickaxe or bow. When you’ve got the crafting table, go ahead and craft some basic tools. 

You don’t need to memorize each recipe in Pocket Edition. Crafting recipes is very simple, and you can see all the available recipes right from the crafting window. Item you have enough ingredients for will be fully visible, while recipes you don’t have enough ingredients for will be darkened out. 

Dig, but not straight down 

The best way to dig is to dig a tunnel downward, but make sure you can climb out. You don’t want to have to use some of the blocks you worked hard to obtain to build your way out. Try digging a somewhat wide tunnel so you reduce walking time and chances of getting lost while grabbing lots of resources. Keep an eye open for caves and dungeons, as you will find a lot of mean monsters there. 

Most important, be creative and enjoy 

Build a castle, fight zombie outbreaks, cooperate or dual other players, blow mines, or anything you can dream of. Be creative and build huge cities and share them with your friends. Fly over the world and look at the landscape and scenery. The most important thing is that you have fun.