Award-winning medical app, Complete Anatomy, heads to the Windows Store

Kit McDonald

An achievement for Microsoft, 3D4Medical has finished porting their award winning app to the Windows Store. Announced just earlier today, Complete Anatomy can now be found as a UWP for Windows 10 powered devices.

Originally built for iOS, 3D4Medical took advantage of the Windows Bridge for iOS. With all of its features intact, users will now be able to explore Complete Anatomy at full force. It particularly goes well with Surface and Windows Ink, where notes and sketches can quickly be jotted down while doing ‘hands-on’ researching.

Complete Anatomy has over 6,500 structures of the human body in 3D view. With it, you’ll be able to visualize the model through muscles, bone structure, nerves, etc. to research more into the anatomy. Further, you can customize the model to simulate conditions with tools for cutting, fractures, adding growths and more. With help from expert references, you can explore the body and research further with the community by sharing your findings or downloading another’s on the fly.

The release on Windows 10 also brought the app updated to where it received a few more features and model enhancements. Such as:

  • Arterial Supply to Muscles: See the arteries that supply any muscle with the touch of a button, and trace these arteries back to the heart.
  • Edit Audio in Recordings: Hiccup during your Recording? No problem, re-record sections of your Recording’s audio.
  • Fast-forward Recordings: Jump straight to the section of the Recording that you need.
  • Ratings: Get useful information about how others in the community have rated Screens, Quizzes, Recordings and Lectures, then rate them yourself!
  • Alternative Names: Now use our smart search to find any structure, whether you search the official name, common alternative name or classic eponymous name. Also reveal a structure’s alternative names, where present, in the title area of its Info panel.
  • Lymphatics: a variant of lymphatic classification entirely unique to 3D4Medical can be seen in the abdomen and thigh.
  • Heart: We’re excited for you to experience our brand new, completely remodelled heart; more detailed and anatomically accurate than ever before! Explore three layers of pericardium, with new cuts and windows for better visualization of the intricate details of each chamber.
  • Arterial System: Levels for arteries have been revised and expanded upon to reflect study difficulty level and branching patterns.
  • Muscular System: Reorganised and regrouped in line with anatomical literature.

If you’re interested in researching the human body, or even just curious, Complete Anatomy is free to download on the Windows Store as of today. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

Complete Anatomy 2024
Complete Anatomy 2024
Developer: 3D4Medical
Price: Free