PowerPoint adds Autofix feature on the web to automatically align slide elements

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Powerpoint Presenter Coach

Microsoft has announced a new Auto Fix feature for PowerPoint for the web that should make it easier for users to format their slides. The new AI-based feature is now available in PowerPoint for the web for people with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

“This Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered feature automatically aligns, uniformly resizes, and distributes elements, and straightens the connectors between them leaving the user with a polished slide in just a few clicks. So, the next time you’re creating a custom diagram or flow chart, instead of manually aligning and resizing each element, simply select the elements and click Auto Fix to save time and effort,” the company explained.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Applying Auto Fix via right-click menu

To try out this feature, select all the elements you want to align on a slide, right-click any of them, and select “Auto Fix” from the context menu. The Auto Fix tool has been designed to help users create complex PowerPoint presentations more easily and quickly, and it should reduce the time required in formatting slides.

Microsoft has also detailed a couple of limitations for this feature. As of this writing, it doesn’t work with overlapping elements and fails to perform well with more complex visualizations. You can read more about these known issues on this page.

Microsoft keeps adding new capabilities to Microsoft PowerPoint, and the company has recently announced the general availability of the PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature on all platforms. There is also a new feature for Word for the web that allows users to convert their documents to PowerPoint presentations.