Microsoft Authenticator App for Apple Watch is no longer available

Kevin Okemwa

Authenticator App for Apple Watch

As reported earlier, Microsoft announced its plans to cut support for the Microsoft Authenticator App for Apple Watch. The company further indicated that compatibility issues prompted this move.

Microsoft had highlighted that it was going to phase out the app from the Apple Watch in January this year in the form of an update. Though we are now in February, Microsoft has rolled out the update (version 6.7.3) which comes in at around 170.2 MB.

Once you download and install this update, you’ll no longer be able to access the Microsoft Authenticator App via your Apple watch. Microsoft recommends that users should delete the app from their watches. However, you can still access the app and all its features on your iPad and iPhone.

While the app will no longer let you make confirmation for login requests from your Apple Watch, Microsoft still notes in the app’s update message that, “In your Apple Watch notification settings, you can still choose to mirror iPhone alerts from Authenticator to your Apple Watch”.