Australian government makes the move to Office 365, expects to save $13.7 million


Australian government makes the move to Office 365, expects to save 3.7 million over the next three years

Score another victory for Microsoft in the battle between Office 365 and Google Apps. Queensland, the second largest and third most populous state in Australia, has revealed that government agencies will soon make the move to Office 365 – a change that affects 149,000 public servants across the state.

This $26.5 million deal brings Office 365 to public servants across the state’s government, allowing them to utilize cloud apps including Yammer. For those who are not familiar with Yammer, it is quite often considered the Facebook for businesses. This move is expected to save the Queensland government $13.7 million over the next three years, allowing them to “reduce costs and transform service delivery.” The Queensland Department of Education will be exempt from using Office 365, having their “own arrangements” which were not disclosed.

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that they have teamed with Australian retailer Coles to bring Office 365 to more than 100,000 employees, in 2,300 locations. Recently in the United States, Microsoft announced that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which is actually the second largest school district in the United States, has selected Office 365 as its cloud-based email solution for staff members and students.

With the Queensland government making the move to the Office 365 cloud offering, Microsoft has scored yet another victory in the battle against Google and the competing Google Apps product.