AudioCloud is working on a Universal Windows 10 app

Michael Cottuli

Band 2 music controls

SoundCloud is one of the most used online audio services, hosting a platform where musicians, podcasters, and anyone else who wants to put their voice out there can do so – the website was even used as the host for Hunt the Truth, the drama podcast set in the Halo universe in the months prior to the release of Halo 5: Guardians.  SoundCloud has had an app for Windows 8.1, AudioCloud, for some time now, and many people have been wondering if they were ever going to upgrade to Windows 10.

Thankfully, the folks running AudioCloud have confirmed for us that a universal Windows 10 app is currently being developed, and should be on its way. We have no clue when exactly the AudioCloud UWP is going to be coming out, but we can only hope its coming out soon. With SoundCloud being relatively popular, having it made available with an app on Windows 10 devices should make tons of people happy.

Thanks to BiggishTuba558 for the tip!