Audible to update their Windows Phone app soon, though no official date yet set

Sean Cameron

Windows Phone

It is an unfortunate truth in the Windows Phone world, app updates are big news. The latest development in this arena comes from e-book firm Audible, which has announced on Twitter that it is going to update its app on the platform, for the first time in 14 months.

With e-reading apps thin on the ground for Windows Phone, this is nonetheless a positive development for users, who will see greater functionality and stability on their e-reading app of choice in the near future. As no official date has been set for the update however, it may yet be some time before the release sees the light of day, though it will be in this quarter.

The release will no doubt bring the usual list of improvements made in updates, expect stability improvements, bug fixes and maybe even the odd UI tweak, or even new features. Expect to hear more details regarding this topic closer to the time of release, for the moment all that can be done is wait.

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