Attendees can bring a student developer 14-21 to Build for free

Jonny Caldwell

Registrations were opened just yesterday for those wishing to join the Microsoft Build 2019 conference this year, however the company has something interesting for those with a younger student developer. According to the Microsoft Build FAQ page, the company is allowing attendees to bring a younger student-aged (between 14 and 21 years old) family member to the Build conference for no extra charge.

Microsoft says that student attendees will have access to all of the same things as the parent has, including full access to the keynotes, developer sessions, and hands-on experiences, chats with the engineers, and basically everything that the Build conference is known for. Young attendees will also have access to the student lounge, providing them with brief 10-15 minute sessions showing them the importance of intelligent technology and how they can use Microsoft’s products and services for education and innovation.

Parents will still be responsible for the student’s expenses such as food and travel outside of the event, but the company’s Build reserved hotels provide will plenty of room for both of them. It’s definitely a good thing coming from Microsoft, given how the events tend to be rather pricey. With company making it easy for a parent to bring his or her child to the event more affordably, it shows its commitment to support young developers, who could very well be the ones to create the next big thing in technology.

Of course, that’s also why Microsoft recommends those with the intention of attending to grab their reservations now. A deal like this will likely result in tickets flying off the shelves, so to speak, so basically it’s either now or never.