AT&T increases data allotments for GoPhone prepaid plans

Kellogg Brengel

AT&T GoPhone

AT&T is announcing an upcoming change to their GoPhone prepaid plans that increases the allotment of data. The changes go into effect this Friday, January 8th and apply to both their $45 per month plan and their $60 per month plan. The $45 plan is being upped to 2GB of data per month from 1.5GB, and the $60 plan is being increased to 5GB of data, up from 4GB. Each plan can also be reduced by an additional $5 if you opt for the Auto Refill payment option with your Credit or Debit card. Both plans also support data rollover for the data that goes unused in the previous month.

The changes in these plans are applicable to the Microsoft Lumia 640 GoPhone, giving Windows Phone fans a relatively less expensive option through AT&T.

The GoPhone is a contract free arrangement with AT&T on a select number of phones that you buy outright and pay a monthly fee for continuing your service. To find out more about GoPhone option you can read more on AT&T’s GoPhone website here.