AT&T already shipping first Lumia 950s, delivery November 18th

Kip Kniskern

Lumia 950s

Looks like Gabe and company may very well lose the race to see what arrives first, the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider build, or actual Lumia 950s arriving in customers’ hands with the 10586 bits installed. Today was another “no new builds today” day, but numerous phone enthusiasts are posting on Reddit that their phones have already shipped, complete with tracking numbers and promises of delivery on Wednesday the 18th.
At some point it probably doesn’t matter, as Windows 10 Mobile is obviously shipping, and even any last minute bug catching by Windows Insiders is going to be too little too late. Still, it’s exciting that Windows phone enthusiasts are going to finally have a new flagship phone to play with, regardless of any little glitches.
This may be a good time to point out what a success the Windows Insiders program has turned out to be, both for Windows 10 desktop and Windows 10 Mobile users. Users and enthusiasts had a real impact on shaping the latest Microsoft operating systems, helped to refine a system where Microsoft is now much more readily able to accept and process feedback, and in the case of Windows 10 Mobile, have also refined a pretty nifty end around to stodgy and resistant mobile operators that started back with Windows Phone 8.1. By installing a Windows Insider app on their phones, Windows 10 Mobile users can download the latest OS bits without having to wait weeks, months, or even longer for carriers to dole out updates.
So it’s great news for AT&T customers in the US. More phones, specifically the 950XL from US Microsoft Stores, will begin shipping next week, and the phones will continue to roll out to varying markets and regions of the world from there.
Have you pre-ordered a Windows 10 Mobile device? What’s your preference, the Lumia 950 or the 950XL?