Atom Bank reaffirms that it is working on a Windows 10 app, register your interest

Jack Wilkinson

Atom Bank is a different kind of bank in the United Kingdom. It has no physical buildings, no branches you can visit. It is a bank that is operated online, an internet bank, part of an increasing trend in the financial industry, which saves costs and generally provides a better service to its customers, by having all of a banks functions in a mobile app.

This creates one issue though, for platforms where the bank does not offer an app, it cannot gain any customers from that section of the mobile market, because customers wouldn’t be able to make use of any of its functions. Luckily, Atom Bank is aiming to cover the top 3 mobile platforms. It currently offers an app for both iOS and Android but is also planning to release a Windows 10 app in the future.

When we prodded Atom Bank on their plans for the Windows app, after hearing nothing from them for awhile, they responded quite quickly:

Further to this, we wanted to know the exact platforms it would be available for. Unfortunately, it appears they haven’t released that information just yet, however, we have reached out to their newsroom team for further information and will post a further update if we learn anything new.

You can register your interest in a Windows app for Atom Bank from their sign-up page here. Just enter your details and select ‘Windows’. They’ll be in touch when the app is available.