At MWC, Spanish phone service Telefónica introduces Aura, will soon work with Cortana

Arif Bacchus

Today at Mobile World Congress (MWC,) the Spanish phone service Telefónica introduced Aura, an intelligence-powered digital assistant. There are plans for it to work with Cortana, and Aura is even promised to transform the way customers interact with Telefónica and manage their digital life with the company.

Aura will be first released in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. It will be a downloadable app, but Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are set to integrate it into their existing services. Customers will be able to use Aura to ask about their bill, their contract, data usage, and other content.

Aura is set to be integrated with Google Assitant in the coming months, and with Microsoft Cortana by 2019. “We share Telefonica’s vision about how Artificial Intelligence can help to create a revolutionary end-user experience and are very excited that Telefonica are using Microsoft AI capabilities for Aura and their digital transformation journey,” said Gurpreet Singh Pall, VP, Bing and Cortana Products Global Ecosystem.